101 - 200 of 381
Course Title Course Code
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Supervision 305
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Basics and Beyond 312
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Clinical Issues Seminar 361
Competitive Starter Grants for Innovative Investigations (Mood Disorders)
Comprehensive training in Neuroimaging Fundamentals and Applications
Consultation-Liason Lecture Series 346
Consultation-Liason Psychiatry PS250.02
Consultation-Liason Psychiatry PS250.07
Consultation/Liason and HIV Psychiatry PS205.01
Consultation/Liason Teaching Rounds 332
Couples and Sex Therapy Training Program 436 ABC
Crisis Management Rounds 321
Cross-cultural and Community Psychiatry 457
Cross-Cultural Studies of Socialization and Children *M214
Cultural Aspects of Care N250
Cultural Neuropsychology Seminar 463
Data Analysis Using Stata 486
Decision-making in OCD: Imaging and Neurostimulation
Decision-making in OCD: Imaging and Neurostimulation
Dementia and Behavioral Neuroscience Research Fellowship
Developmental Disabilities N240
Diagnosis, Etiology, and Treatment of Eating Disorders 400
Dialectic and Cognitive Behavioral Strategies with Borderline Personality 349
Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Psychosocial Rehabilitation Teams 370
Dual Diagnosis Group Psychotherapy Training 318
Dual Diagnosis Teaching Rounds 350
ECT Fundamentals 433
ECT Review for Nurses N249
Educational Advocacy M490
Ego Psychology II 392 ABC
Emergency Psychiatry PS320.01
Emergency Psychiatry 344
Emergency Psychiatry Rounds 337
Emergency Treatment Rotation Section 1. 410.1
Emergency Treatment Rotation Section 1. Section 2. Section 3. 410
Essentials of Psychoanalytic Thought 308
Evaluation and Management of Psychiatric Outpatients 473
Evaluation of and Advanced Topics in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ND) 480.2
Evaluation of Infant and Preschool Children 488
Family Dynamics N415
Family Meetings
Family Resilience Fellowship
Family Resilience Practicum/Field Placement
Family Stress, Trauma and Resilience Clinic 480.1
Family Therapy 384
Family Therapy and the Life Cycle: Assessment and Intervention 323
Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry
Fellowship Training in Psychiatric Research
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Related Disorders 478
Forensic Child Psychiatry 423
Forensic Psychiatry 491
Forensic Psychiatry PS299.01
Forensic Psychiatry Lunch Seminar 382
Forensic Seminar 371
Framework for Nursing Practice: Interviewing and Mental Status N362
Frameworks for Nursing Practice: Developing a Plan of Care N212
Frameworks for Nursing Practice: Theoretical Concepts N211
Functional Magnetic Resonace Imaging and Consciousness Journal Club 291
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging 424
Functional Neuroanatomy for the Neuropsychologist *292
Functional Neuroimaging: Techniques and Applications *M285
Fundamentals of OT Clinical Practice OT486
Genetics Clinic Presentation 479
Genomics in Psychoneuroimmunology 474
Geriatric Consultation-Liaison Rounds 428
Geriatric Psychiatry Grand Rounds 619
Geropsychiatry Journal Club 396
Geropsychiatry Topics 394 ABC
Grand Rounds (SVA) 353
Grand Rounds for the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 314
Group Dynamics N413
Group Process Section 1. PGY-II Residents Section 2. PGY-III Residents 409
Guided Imagery Seminar 418
Health and Mental Health Disparities from a Psychosocial and Cultural Perspective 264
Health Psychology: Biobehavioral Issues in Physical and Mental Health (Predoctoral and postdoctoral)
History of Psychiatry 399
HIV Mental Health Clinical Case Conference 379
HIV-AIDS Fellowship (Predoctoral and postdoctoral)
HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Trauma Training Program
Human Genetics seminar 485
Hypnosis in Clinical Practice 441
Immunology in Neuroscience 402
Individual Case Supervision 403
Individual Mentoring PS 403
Individual Studies in Psychiatry 596P
Inpatient Clinical Case Conference 345
Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry PS356.01
Inpatient Group Therapy 341
Inpatient Lecture Series 347
Inpatient Psychiatry 381
Inpatient Rounds 464
Institute Grand Rounds 618
Integrated Service Delivery Team Rounds 376
Integrated Treatment Planning in Public Mental Health 380
Interacting with Schools - for Child Psychiatrists 316
Interdisciplinary Clinical Case Conference 320
Intern Interview Course for Psychiatry 311
Interpersonal Psychotherapy Clinic 401
Intervention to Reduce HIV and Its Consequences *M289
Introduction to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 317