201 - 347 of 347
Course Title Course Code
Longevity Center Memory Training
M181. Biological Bases of Psychiatric Disorders
Medication Administration N207
Mental Retardation Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum *243 ABC
Meta-topics in Psychiatry 446
Mindfulness Practice and Theory Psychiatry 175
Mood Disorders N235
Mood Disorders Clinic Journal Club 359
Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Syndromes 495
Neurological Basis of Behavior 458
Neurology Review for Psychiatry Residents 395
Neuropsychological Assessment
Neuropsychology Case Conference 373
Neuropsychology of HIV Infection 489
Neuropsychology of Medical Illness 481
Neuropsychology Professional Development Seminar Series 468
Neuropsychology Research Seminar 447
Neuropsychology Seminar 453
Neuroscience for Psychiatrists 391
Neurosciences and Psychotherapy 328
Noon Seminars 419
Nursing Documentation in Psychiatry N213
Olive View Grand Rounds 387
On-Call Supervision/Consultation 415
Outpatient Psychopharmacology 354
Overview of ECT
Parenting Children (2-12 years)
Parenting Teens (12.5-15.5 years)
Parenting Training and Children's Friendship Training 449
Parents of Early-Adolescents Conflict Education
Patient and Family Education N241
Pediatric Neuropsychology: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 431 ABC
PEERS® Bully-Proofing Boot Camp
PEERS® Conversation Boot Camp
PEERS® Dating Boot Camp
PEERS® Friendship Boot Camps
PEERS® for Adolescents
PEERS® for Preschoolers
PEERS® for Young Adults
PEERS® for Young Adults Telehealth
PEERS® Virtual Boot Camp
Personal Brain Management
Personal Brain Management Psychiatry 182
Personality Disorders 351
Personality Disorders N237
Phenomenology of Psychiatry and DSM-IV Diagnosis 385
Practical Psychopharmacology 437
Prevention and Management of Assaultive Behavior N301
Prevention and Management of Assaultive Behavior Review N318
Primary Care Smoking Cessation Program 466 ABC
Principles of Neuroimaging I M284A
Principles of Neuroimaging II M284B
Professional Development: Presentation and Preparation for Academic Interviews 293
Program Evaluation in Mental Health 310
Psychiatric Assessment of Children in the Emergency Setting 360
Psychiatric Consultation in Primary Care 477
Psychiatric Consultations and Liason Practicum 451
Psychiatric Crisis Management PS220.01
Psychiatric Issues as Portrayed in the Cinema 366
Psychiatric Literature Review Seminar 338
Psychiatric Rehabilitation 610
Psychiatric Resident research Seminar 427
Psychiatry (C/S) PS250.04
Psychiatry and Mental Health Grand Rounds 605
Psychiatry Goes to the Movies 368
Psychiatry Residency Core Curriculum, PGY-I 411
Psychiatry Residency Core Curriculum, PGY-II 444
Psychiatry Residency Core Curriculum, PGY-III 455
Psychiatry Residency Core Curriculum, PGY-IV 470
Psychiatry Residency Research Track Seminar 429
Psycho-Dynamic Therapy Seminar 442 ABC
Psychology Interns' Seminar *236
Psychometric Properties of Pediatric Intelligence Tests 438
Psychoneuroimmunology Research Seminar 275
Psychopharmacology N320
Psychosis Seminar 603
Psychotherapeutic Management of Severely Disturbed Outpatients 459
Psychotherapy 483
Psychotherapy: From Theory to Application 362
Psychotic Disorders N238
Research Group Seminar: Practicum 296
Research Seminar in Psychoneuroimmunology
Research Seminar on the Psychoses 435
Resident's Core Curriculum 334
Residents Rounds 306
Rorschach Seminar 377
San Fernando Valley Program Colloquium in Behavioral Sciences 388 ABC
School Consultation for Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists 369
Self-Injurious Behavior N308
Seminar in Child Psychiatry Consultation 460
Seminar in Use of the MMPI 375
Seminars in Addiction Psychiatry 434 ABC
Small Group Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions *287
Smoking Cessation Program for Mentally Ill Patients 493
Social and Behavioral Determinants of HIV/AIDS: A Global Perspective *M288
Social Learning Theory N412
Special Studies in Psychiatry *199
Special Topics 398
Special Topics in Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences *198
Spiritual Aspects of Care N248
Spousal or Partner Abuse Training 616
Stress, Trauma and Resilience Internship
Stress, Trauma and Resilience Seminar 496
Substance Abuse N360
Suicide Assessment and Interventions N303
Supervision for Child Psychiatry Residents 340
Supervision of Psychiatric rehabilitation Teams 613
Survey Course in Psychiatry 330
Systems-Based Longitudal Healthcare MD005
Teaching Case Conference - Section 1. 425 Section 1.
Teaching Case Conference - Section 2. 425 Section 2.
Teaching Case Conference - Section 3. 425 Section 3.
Teaching Case Conference - Section 4. 425 Section 4.
Teaching Case Conference - Section 5. 425 Section 5.
Team Rounds 421
Team Rounds - Section 1. 421 Section 1.
Team Rounds - Section 2. 421 Section 2.
Team Rounds - Section 3. 421 Section 3.
Team Rounds - Section 5. 421 Section 5.
Team Rounds - Section 6. 421 Section 6.
Termination Seminar 358
The Los Angeles HIV-Community Colloquia *290
The Power of Breath in clinical practice and mass disasters
The Psychodynamics of Case Management: An Oxymoron? 302
The Use of Survey Research Techniques in Psychocultural Studies *M238
Therapeutic Containment N231
Therapeutic Group Leadership N409
Topics on Public Health Perspectives on Mental Health 319
Training Conference in Clinical Psychology 372
Training in Research Methodology 456
Training in Social and Independent Living Skills 467
Training in the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID) 439
Transference/Countertransference in Staff-Patient Relationships N364
Trauma and Sexual Abuse Research Seminar 405
Treatment Planning Meeting- Section 2. 416 - Section 2
Treatment Planning Meetings 416
Treatment Planning Meetings - Section 1. 416 - Section 1
Treatment Planning Meetings - Section 3. 416 - Section 3
Treatment Planning Meetings - Section 4. 416 - Section 4
Treatment Planning Meetings - Section 5. 416 - Section 5
Treatment Planning Meetings - Section 6. 416 - Section 6
Treatment Planning Meetings - Section 8. 416 - Section 8
UCLA Conference on Integrative Medicine and Mental Health
UCLA Summer Institute: Brain-Mind-Wellness
Videotape Supervision of Psychotherapy 333
Women's Life Program Practicum and Supervision 492