Termination Seminar


This seminar reviews the principles of termination of the process of psychiatric treatment with outpatients. Psychodynamic principles, and empirical findings regarding termination are discussed, and particular emphasis is given to termination of psychotherapy, and to the unilateral, artificial termination that results from resident completion of training with patients in treatment. After introductory lectures, residents are asked to present clinical cases for discussion, allowing all participants to extrapolate to their own patients, and thus fostering optimal management of this phase of care. Offered in two parts: July-August and April-May each year. Required for PGY-IV residents, available to residents at all levels of training with consent of instructor.

 Ralph Koek, James Mervis

Required for PGY-IV residents. Consent of instructor if a resident is at any other level of training

Dates and Availability
 2 months in 2 parts
Planned Months: 
 April, August, July, May
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