Neuropsychology of Medical Illness


This course will review the basics of psychometrics in neuropsychological assessment, basic neurovirology of HIV/AIDS, and neurological disorders that impact the CNS.  The focus will be on proper assessment of medically ill populations, which is key when conducting research in specific patient populations.

to identify which neuropsychological measures correspond with various domains of cognitive functining
to define some of the limitations of various neuropsychollgical measures in terms of psychometric properties
to understand the basic research design considerations when conducting a research project in HIV
to identify classic neurospychological profiles of various CNS disorders
 April Thames
Externs will be required to present on an approved topic of relevance to the Neuropsychology of Medical Illness track.
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 Spring, Fall
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 Weekly on Thursday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
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