Personal Brain Management


Basic overview of brain function and consideration of some management methods that exist already, and what future may hold. New methods for predicting our own futures and modeling what if scenarios that might alter risks and benefits of different courses of action, based on individual genetic background and other elements of personal history and environmental exposures. Introduction to key principles from science of behavior change, illustrating how important health-related behavioral habits are and how difficult these can be to change and why. Coverage of series of topics that center on personal enhancement of well-being through consideration of stress management, long-term goal and value identification, mapping of long-term goals onto immediate actions, reinforcement learning, meditation, neurofeedback, and time management. Critical appraisal of tools to help students distinguish scientifically validated procedures.


From a transdisciplinary perspective, understand the links among brain, mind and wellness

Understand scientific foundations and practical applications of methods that enhance health, well-being and creativity

Director/Instructor(s): Robert Bilder

Dates and Availability

Planned Terms: Summer

Course Code: 
Psychiatry 182

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