Canada - Alberta

Barbara Williams
ADHD, Executive Function and Social Skills Life Coach and Consultant
Barbara Williams Coaching / Online Sessions
PO Box 3759, Banff, Alberta Canada
1 (403) 431-4443


Cara Payne, B.Ed, M.Ed
Individualized Intensive Intervention (Triple I) Coordinator
Fort McMurray Public School District
106 Parsons Creek Drive, Fort McMurray, Alberta


Carla Joseph, BA, B. ED Secondary
School Learning Assistance Coordinator (LAC)
Fort McMurray Public School Division
221 Tundra Drive, Fort McMurray AB, T9H 4Z7


Doris Bong

Registered Psychologist

Edmonton, Alberta

(780) 7097098
Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


Kristiana Winters
Educator, Facilitator and Community Support
Private Tutor, specializing in students with complex needs
Cochrane, Alberta