News and Announcements

01/24/2018 New Program in Richmond Helps Teens With Autism Learn Social Skills
07/31/2017 'Social Camouflage' May Lead To Underdiagnosis Of Autism In Girls
06/07/2017 Autism Quality of Life
05/09/2017 Dating for Young Adults With Disabilities
04/20/2017 Young adults with autism work on building social skills — and dating
04/17/2017 For adults with autism, learning social skills – and finding love
10/24/2016 Kids Who Colour Outside the Lines interview
07/08/2015 3 Steps To Bolster Social Skills Instruction for Teens With Autism
04/27/2015 Calgary Program Helps Young Adults With Autism Make Friends
02/02/2015 Unwinding Autism: Making and Keeping Friends
02/11/2014 Newly-Released Findings from the Korean Version of PEERS
02/05/2014 Vibrant Brain Summit features Dr. Laugeson
12/04/2013 PEERS Long-Term Follow Up Study Published!
11/22/2013 Web MD features Dr. Laugeson
10/14/2013 PEERS Virtual Coach Mobile Application: FriendMaker
09/17/2013 American Psychological Association's Podcast Series Features Dr. Laugeson
08/14/2013 Dating on the Autism Spectrum: Contribution by Dr. Laugeson
07/15/2013 Unwinding Autism Teleconference for Parents
07/01/2013 Marquette University: PEERS EEG Findings
11/22/2010 People Magazine: Can Joey Make a Friend?
08/21/2009 USA Today: Class Helps Autistic Teens Refine Social Skills
04/13/2009 U.S. News & World Report: Teaching Teenagers With Autism How to Make Friends
04/07/2009 Teaching autistic teens to make friends
08/16/2008 KNBC: PEERS Autism Program: Child-To-Teen Transition
05/19/2008 Medscape: High-Functioning Autistic Teens Benefit From Friendship Training Program