One of our chief goals is to support the demand for qualified professionals and leaders in developmental disabilities through providing training, research, and clinical experiences in various fields. Because the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities are complex, service providers and professionals require expertise in many different disciplines.

Our faculty provide didactic, clinical, and research training to graduate students, fellows, and professionals seeking leadership roles in health care and service delivery in several areas including: autism, cerebral palsy, mental health, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and muscular dystrophy. Annually 3-4 long term Tarjan trainees from multiple disciplines (e.g., psychology, biomedical engineering, physical therapy, pediatrics) work with faculty to provide state of the art diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment services.

In addition, up to 200 undergraduates, graduate and post-graduate students, residents, or fellows work with Tarjan faculty and staff in other areas of emphasis including education, employment, and the arts, through participation in UCEDD projects and programs. These opportunities are available in the forms of internships, work study, and student research projects.

One of our most recent postdoctoral fellows has just published a paper on the neuropsychological correlates of social skills in children with prenatal exposure to alcohol, and another has developed a social skills training program for children with intellectual disabilities. Tarjan Center trainees have also gone on to become leaders, advocates, and staff at the Tarjan Center.

Individuals interested in becoming a Tarjan Center trainee should contact Beth Stoffmacher via email at