The Tarjan Center is dedicated to improving and increasing the availability of quality services for individuals with disabilities and their families throughout California. Our faculty and trainees participate in a wide variety of UCLA-based Tarjan Center training and services that address the medical and psychiatric needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Their activities cover a broad range of services: state-of-the-art diagnosis, clinical evaluation and treatment based on comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluations and services, recommendations for community services/supports, assistance in securing follow-up community support, and advocacy for access to clinical services for people with developmental disabilities.

Tarjan Center faculty also excel in dual diagnosis consultation services and provide ongoing consultation to community agencies, regional centers, and professionals about behavior and development in persons with specific developmental disabilities, including genetic syndromes. In addition, members of our team are on the boards of several national associations that are devoted to providing information and technical assistance to families and professionals about developmental disabilities, genetic syndromes, and policymaking at national and international levels.