Accessibility Guidelines

The Tarjan Center is committed to making sure that people with disabilities have the same access to and use of websites, electronic information, publications and information resources for which the center is responsible.  Towards this end, we have created these Accessibility Guidelines to implement both the spirit and requirements of the ADA/504 to produce documents and presentations in a way that makes information easily accessible to a wide range of audiences. While this document is intended to help Tarjan Center faculty and staff, we hope the information will be of use to the UCLA Community, our collaborators, and stakeholders.

These Accessibility Guidelines aim to give guidance when creating internal and external print and electronic documents such as:  outreach and marketing materials;  resource lists, reports, briefs that will be distributed and posted; newsletters and periodic publications; tables and spreadsheets; presentations and handouts; emails and listserv announcements; web resources, electronic forms, and websites; lectures and conference presentations.


"Accessibility should be like the air we breathe;

I should not have to wonder if it will be there when I wake up in the morning."

(Afi-Tiombe Kambon, Berkeley Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive, 1995)

Tarjan Center Accessibility Guidelines

  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Guiding Legislation to Accessible Communication
  4. Fonts and Texts
  5. Color Contrast and Paper
  6. Images
  7. Readability
  8. Access Symbols
  9. Working with Computer Applications
  10. Source Material
  11. Word Documents
  12. Excel Charts
  13. PowerPoints and Presentations
  14. Desktop Publishing Programs
  15. Converting Documents into PDFs
  16. Web-Based Material
  17. Email
  18. Online Forms
  19. Websites
  20. Advertising and Marketing Events
  21. Additional Resources
  22. Testing for Accessibility
  23. For More Information

Your Feedback is Needed and Welcome!

The Tarjan Center is piloting these Accessibility Guidelines, and we welcome your input and feedback on how we can improve them.  Please complete the following survey to help us understand how you used the Accessibility Guidelines in your work:

Link to survey:   Here is my feedback!