In Other Words

In Other Words
The UCLA Tarjan Center’s podcast episodes are Q&A discussions with presenters from our Distinguished Lecture series. Facilitated by Kecia Weller, Self-Advocacy and Community Liaison, our goal is to provide a more accessible presentation to our community. Our lecture series aims to increase knowledge of trainees, self-advocates, and community members about state-of-the-art research and interventions, disparities experienced by underserved groups, and how public policies and practices affect the well-being and inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Episode 1: Using Silence to Hear the Voices of the AAPI Community in Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

Episode 2: Navigating the Road from Adolescence to Adulthood for Youth with and without Developmental Disabilities: Parent Perspectives

Episode 3: Let’s Talk About Sex…Education! Sexuality and Sex Education for Neurodivergent Individuals by In Other Words

Episode 4: Special Care Dentistry for Individuals with Disabilities: Changes in Education, Policy, & Care Delivery

Episode 5: Impact of Special Olympics on Inclusive Health and Well-Being of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Episode 6: Measuring Progress in Early Interventions for Children with Developmental Disabilities Challenges--Progress and Next Steps

Episode 7: Bottoms-Up--Somatic-Interventions-for-Neurodivergent-Individuals

Episode 8: Supports-for-Children-with-Autism-through-Anxiety-Strategies-and-Resources

Episode 9: Transition-Planning-and-Support-for-Young-Adults-with-Developmental-Disabilities-Parent-and-Young-Adult-Perspectives

Episode 10: Supporting-Families-in-Connecting-Family-Members-with-Intellectual-and Developmental-Disabilities-to-Competitive-Integrated-Employment

Episode 11: Developing-Team-NEMO: Implementation-of-Early-Detection-of-Cerebral-Palsy-at-UCLA

Episode 12: Autism-Diagnostic-Process-with-Billingual,-Low-income-Latinx-Community:-Barriers-Families-Experience-and-What-Providers-Can-Do-To-Help

For questions about our Podcast series email our Training Director, Dr. Jasper Estabillo