Postdoc FAQ

Postdoc New / Current FAQ

How many sick days will I be entitled to?

Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible for paid sick leave of up to twelve days per twelve month appointment period.

 How many personal days will I be entitled to?

Postdoctoral Scholars with a 100%, 12-month appointment are eligible to use up to twenty four (24) work days of personal time off with pay at any time within each 12-month appointment period.

Note: Personal time off not used within the 12-month period is not carried over into a subsequent appointment year. Personal time off not used when the Postdoctoral Scholar's appointment concludes, including when a Postdoctoral Scholar leaves the appointment prior to the established appointment end date, remains with the University.

Postdoc 3252 paid through payroll FAQ

When will I be paid?

You will be paid on the 1st of every month

I am not signed up for direct deposit, where can I pick up my check?

You may pick up a paper paycheck from B7-370 Semel on the 1st of the month. 

How do I set up my direct deposit?

To set up your direct deposit log on to At Your Service Online:

What is SafeHarbor?

Postdoctoral Scholars, as SafeHarbor participants contribute 7.5% of gross salary to the University of California Defined Contribution Plan in lieu of Social Security taxes, and are not eligible for membership in the University of California Retirement Plan.

Postdoc 3253 paid through stipend FAQ

When will I be paid?

Stipends disburse on the 24th of every month

How do I set up my direct deposit?

Sign up is available on the BruinBill via MyUCLAIt’s the fastest, most secure way to receive refunds at UCLA.

What is deducted from my stipend?

The only deduction that comes out of your stipend is your union fee. Union fee is 1.44% of gross pay for members and 1.05% of gross pay for non-members.

Why did I receive two stipend disbursements?

Stipends pay out in advance and thus the system was catching you up to the current pay cycle.

Where can I find stipend tax information?

The Graduate Division link will provide you with Tax information

How do I make payments to my health benefits?

Payment is not automatic; you will receive a bill from Garnett Powers within the first 2-weeks of the month. The initial bill is sent via US postal mail, and contains a first-time login password. You will need to enter the system to add an email address. Subsequent bills are emailed to the address indicated on their website.Please be sure to make prompt payments to avoid having your benefits revoked.