Postdoc Administrators FAQ

Postdoc Administrators FAQ

What if a PD wants to reduce their time effort?  A reduction in time is often used in connection with addition of a lectureship, time devoted to family or child care, or outside opportunities, where the postdoc appointment is reduction in time. This request is contingent upon Graduate Division approval. Please submit an Exception Request Form

 How can I request for a PD to work beyond 5 year tenure limit? Please submit an Exception Request Form.This request is contingent upon Graduate Division approval. 

What do I need if a PD is ending before the current appointment end date and re-classed to another title? 

  • Academic Trainee Office Fund adjustment form. 
  • Graduate Division Out of Unit Movement Request Form.
  • Resignation letter.  
  • At least 90 days prior to the intended start date. If your dates, 
Important note: This request is contingent upon Graduate Division approval.

What do I need if a PD is ending before their current appointment end date? 

What kind of proof of degree are acceptable for submission? 

  • Transcript indicating the completed degree and date of completion. 

  • Letter from the Registrars or an equivilant office confirming degree completion and date. 

  • Copy of the Degree Certificate. 

What do I need to include for a reappointment?


I would like to give a postdoc an increase what do I need to submit?

 I would like to give a postdoc an additional supplement what do I need to submit?

I would like to post an ad for a new Postdoc position. How can I advertise it?

Here are a few places where you can post your ad for a new PD

·         (The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars)

· – Est. $195 for 90 days.

· – Free.

·   – Free

· – Same website as It redirects you to their website when you search for jobs.

· – Est.$195

· - The Graduate Division has a website with information on professional development resources available to UCLA postdoctoral scholars available at the following link. Please note: Job posting to CareerHub is still manual; below are the instructions.

Email with the following information in template format in order to post* to the :

·         Name of Position:

·         Department:

·         Link (if applicable)

·         Description:

·         Requirements:

·         Contact Person:

*Please note, this site is temporarily accepting on-campus postdoc positions for posting, but the posting policy may change in the future.