Sample Rotation Schedules


PGY-1 and PGY-2 Years: Based on 13 four-week "blocks" 



  • Half of the year is on non-psychiatry rotations including Ambulatory Medicine, Subspecialty Outpatient Clinics, Inpatient Geriatric Medicine
  • Half of the year is on psychiatry rotations including Emergency Psychiatry, Inpatient Adult Psychiatry, and Night Float 
  • Call: Interns have on average 2-3 call shifts per month including a mix of weekday short call (5-10pm) and weekend long call (7:30am-10pm)



  • 5 blocks of Inpatient Adult Psychiatry 
  • 2 blocks of Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 
  • 2 blocks of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 
  • 1 block of Detox/Residential Substance Program 
  • 1 block of community HIV clinic
  • 1 block of Elective
  • 1 block of Night Float (split into two 2-week blocks) 
  • Call: PGY-2s have on average 2-3 calls shifts per month including a mix of weekday short call (5-10pm) and Saturday or Sunday long call (7:30am-10pm) except for 3-day weekends, which have a 24hr shift.



PGY-3 and PGY-4 Years: Longitudinal, year-long, outpatient clinics 

No scheduled call during PGY-3 and PGY-4 Years.

PGY-3: Completion of core/required clinics 

  • 6-7 half-days of VA core teaching clinics 
  • 1-2 half-days of psychotherapy and electives, including UCLA electives 
  • 1 half-day of didactics 
  • 1 half-day of clinical administrative time (completion of notes, phone calls, voicemails, paperwork, etc.) 
  • no call 


PGY-4: Electives, chief/leadership opportunities 

  • Multiple elective opportunities at the VA and UCLA
  • Option to continue 3rd year clinics 
  • 1 half-day of didactics and 1 half-day of administrative time 
  • Chief opportunities: Inpatient, ED/CL, Outpatient, Program/Administrative 
  • no call