General Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Philip Blumenshine, MD & Jonathan Heldt, MD

The General Outpatient Mental Health Clinic is for Veterans who present with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses and whose needs would not be better served by one of the specialty outpatient mental health programs. Common disorders that are treated in our clinic include: depression, anxiety, non-combat PTSD, psychotic, Bipolar Disorder and substance use. Individual, couples/family and group therapies are made available to our patients, in addition to psychological testing and vocational rehabilitation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Diagnosing and treating all psychiatric disorders for patients in a Veteran population.
  2. Collaborating effectively with clinicians within an interdisciplinary team which includes therapists and case managers.
  3. Maximizing the psychiatric and overall care of outpatients by navigating and optimizing the use of a complex healthcare system.