Frequently Asked Questions

Where do residents live in LA? 


A majority of our residents live on the Westside of LA within a 5-20 minute drive from our main hospitals- West Los Angeles VA and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. These areas include Brentwood, Westwood, Sawtelle, Santa Monica, Culver City, and Mar Vista.  Others live in the San Fernando Valley, South LA, or West Hollywood, which can increase the commute time to 30+ minutes with traffic. 


Is it possible to live in Los Angeles on the UCLA resident salary?


While housing in Los Angeles is not cheap, we have a competitive salary that allows us to afford rent while still enjoying the many attractions Southern California has to offer. 


What food options are available while working in the hospital?


While at UCLA, residents can spend up to $25/day in the Ronald Regan Cafeteria, Café Med, or at Subway using their housestaff ID card.  In addition to prepared meals, the UCLA cafeteria sells groceries including pasta, rice, bread, eggs, milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  While rotating at the West Los Angeles VA, food is delivered to the inpatient units 2-3 times per week and include cuisines such as Indian food, Thai food, and fresh salads and sandwiches. 


What do residents do for fun?


Living in Southern California gives us endless opportunities for various concerts and events, theme parks, museums, outdoor activities, and some of the best food in the country!  Our residents enjoy golfing at the VA golf course, surfing in malibu, playing pickup basketball with other UCLA housestaff, hiking in Pacific Palisades, playing beach volleyball in Santa Monica, having board game nights, or just grabbing an after-work snack at our favorite happy hour spots.  We additionally have two 1-day retreats during each academic year where we can reconnect, recharge, and enjoy a fun-filled day of sunshine and games.  See our wellness page for more fun!


Will there be an opportunity to chat with residents about their experience?


Yes!  Each year in early-mid September we hold a Zoom Open House, where prospective applicants can learn more about the resident experience in a relaxed setting.  For more information, please go to our Instagram page