Research Programs & Faculty

Translational Research:

Imaging in Psychosis: Michael Green, PhD; Bill Horan, PhD; Yvonne Yang, MD, PhD, Junghee Lee, PhD

Imaging in Dementia: Rebecca Melrose, PhD

Psychiatric Genetics: Scott Fears, MD, PhD and Erika Nurmi, MD, PhD

Clinical Research:

Psychosis Treatment Interventions: Steve Marder, MD; Michael Green, PhD; Yvonne Yang, MD, PhD; Bill Horan, PhD; Jared Greenberg, MD; Amy Jimenez, PhD; Felice Reddy, PhD; Carol Jahshan, PhD

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Interventions: Larissa Mooney, MD 

Anxiety Treatment Interventions: Erika Nurmi, MD, PhD and David Willison, MD, PhD

Trauma Treatment Interventions: Bill Nash, MD; Hannah Roggenkamp, MD, Mark Barad, MD, PhD

Therapy Interventions in Geriatric Psychiatry: Brandon Yarns, MD, MSHS

Neuromodulation in Mood Disorders: Walter Dunn, MD, PhD; Marc Heiser, MD, PhD and Nathaniel Ginder, MD, PhD

Mind-Body Therapies: Greg Serpa, PhD

Holistic Wellness Interventions: Donna Ames, MD

Health Services Research:

Community Engagement and Quality Improvement: Ken Wells, MD, MPH and Pushpa Raja, MD

Homeless Veterans and Families: Alex Young, MD, PhD; Sonya Gabreilian, MD and Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi, MD, MSHS

Medical Anthropology: Elizabeth Bromley, MD, PhD and Ippolytos Kalofonos, MD, PhD