Salary & Benefits

Resident Salaries for 2022-23

Resident PGY-1 

Resident PGY-2

Resident PGY-3

Resident PGY-4

Annual: $64,379

Annual: $66,512

Annual: $69,126

Annual: $71, 855


All are subject to appropriate taxes. Visit UCLA GME website for additional benefits information.


  • Housing Stipend: $12,000, paid $1,000 each month (paid as wages and subject to withholdings)
  • Food Allowance: $3,000/year at UCLA Cafeterias
  • Relocation Reimbursement: $2,750 for new hires only
  • Educational Allowance: PGY1: $500, PGY2 and up: $1,000
  • Professional Reimbursements: covers license, license renewal, and USMLE Step 3



Residents take 4 weeks of vacation a year, scheduled by them with the program director’s consent, and conforming to the following rules:  No vacation during 1-block rotations, up to 1-week of vacation for 2 block rotations, up to 2 weeks of vacation for 3-block rotations.

Sick Leave:

12 days per year


Medical Benefits:

You and your family will have medical, dental, and vision insurance at no cost to you. In addition, life and long-term disability insurance is provided at no cost.

Funds for Travel for Professional Meetings:

The department makes every effort to underwrite expenses when a resident presents a paper at a national meeting. In addition, the department encourages the involvement of residents in local and national psychiatric organizations and will support such activities as the budget allows.