Memory, Neurobehavior, and Geropsychiatry Clinic

Stephen Chen, MD; Denise Feil, MD, MPH; & Mario F. Mendez, MD, PhD
Fri AM 

The Memory, Neurobehavior, and Geropsychiatry Clinic is a subspecialty program that assesses older adults with new-onset or ongoing cognitive difficulties. The population includes those with cognitive challenges related to neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease or other degenerative conditions, traumatic brain injury, psychiatric disorders, medications, or solely a result of the aging process. New patient assessments include a comprehensive cognitive evaluation, with differential diagnosis and intervention recommendations. A cohort of patients are followed longitudinally. Residents will be able to recognize brain-behavior disorders beyond the dementia and delirium spectrums. They will have the opportunity to evaluate and manage psychiatric symptoms in patients with comorbid neurological diseases. Residents will also become skillful at completing neurocognitive exams, a tool that will serve the psychiatrist the rest of their career. 

The Clinic emphasizes practical and efficient, yet thoughtful and thorough assessments. Evaluation of neuroimages is included. Trainees from several training programs in geropsychiatry, geriatric medicine, and psychiatry are currently participating. The treatment team includes a full-time social worker.