Acquiring Services

Families must reside in LA County

TIES Preplacement Education and Preparation

TIES PREP is held on 3 consecutive Mondays from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC). Parking is available and pizza and water are provided. The 2020 TIES PREP Sessions are now virtual and are scheduled for:

  • September 6, 13, and 20th (2021)

Please note if both parents in a couple are attending TIES PREP together, at least one parent must attend all 3 sessions to be counted as having completed the TIES PREP curriculum. To sign up for TIES Preparation (TIES PREP) Sessions, please contact our DCFS Liaison, Kimmey Howard, at (323) 942-1679 or TIES directly at (310) 825-6110.Resources for Families who have completed the TIES Sessions 

After completing the TIES Preparation Sessions, a referral for TIES services can be made by contacting TIES directly at (310) 825-6110.

If you or the CSW have any questions, please contact:

Resources for Families who have not completed the TIES Preparations Sessions

If you have not attended TIES Preparation classes but are in the concurrent planning process, adopting or have adopted a child from foster care and live in West Los Angeles (Service Planning Area 5, SPA 5), you may obtain TIES services through DCFS’s Adoption Promotion and Support Services (APSS) program. For non-finalized children, APSS referrals for TIES services must be made by a DCFS social worker. You must contact your Child Social Worker (CSW) and request that he/she complete an APSS referral for TIES services. If your CSW has any questions, he/she may contact:

  • TIES Program Coordinator: (310) 825-6110

Returning Resource Families

If you have already received TIES services in the past and you wish to receive TIES services again, please contact:

  • TIES Program Coordinator (310) 825-6110


If you have any questions regarding whether you are eligible for services, please contact our main clinic at (310) 825-6110.