CART autism expert publishes new book to guide parents

October 9, 2012
Professor Tanya Paparella, a leading expert with more than 20 years of autism intervention and director of UCLA’s Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program, an internationally recognized treatment program for young children with autism, has published More Than Hope: For Young Children on the Autism Spectrum. The new book empowers parents, caregivers and professionals with critical knowledge and intervention tools towards long-lasting benefits for autistic children and their families. Paparella examines significant areas of childhood development, explains why children with autism learn differently, and provides step-by-step intervention strategies to develop communication, social interaction and normal behavior. The practical teaching strategies — developed through cutting-edge research — can be used in everyday activities by parents and professionals alike.

Dr. Paparella’s book was highlighted in the media Nov.9 iHealing Thresholds, Nov. 5 in an Examiner blog, and Nov. 2 in My Science.