College to Career

An innovative approach toward helping young adults in their transition from college to a career.

About the Program

An estimated 80 percent of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are unemployed. The UCLA College to Career Transition Program is an innovative offering for undergraduate and graduate students with ASD or suspected ASD who are interested in acquiring job-related, social, and practical skills for a successful transition from educational to employment settings. The program teaches students necessary skills for obtaining and maintaining a job and provides an internship experience to practice learned skills. The program creates a scalable solution to employment barriers faced by individuals with ASD and serves as a model of higher education training for colleges across the country. The program is offered in both clinical and research settings.

The skills covered in the UCLA College to Career’s clinical and research programs:

  • Choosing a career
  • Creating a resume
  • Finding and applying for employment
  • Electronic communication
  • Understanding/navigating the workplace culture
  • Interviewing etiquette
  • Conversational skills
  • Entering and exiting group conversations
  • Humor in the workplace
  • Stress management/executive functioning skills
  • Conflict resolution

Young Adult's Story

For Yanning, the opportunities became endless

Employer's Story

Diversity has brought new meaning in the workplace

C2C Team

Amanda Gulsrud, Ph.D.
HS Associate Professor
Director of C2C

Elizabeth Laugeson, Psy.D.
Associate Clinical Professor
Director of C2C

James McCracken, M.D.
Joseph Campbell
Professor of Child Psychiatry

Caroline Grantz, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist

Elizabeth Denluck
Clinic Coordinator

Katherine Tsai
Program Coordinator

Maria Shavers
Clinic Coordinator

Monica Belli Haley
Director of Operations, CART

Advisory Committee 2020

- Chau Le
- John Klemm
- Lily Chau
- Priscila Kasha
- Walt Kasha
- Yanning Zuo
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