Sigman Scholars

CART established the Sigman Scholars Research Program for UCLA undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career focused on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This summer research program is supported by the Sigman Scholars Fund at CART. The Sigman Scholars Research Program provides a rigorous 8-10 week summer research position for current UCLA undergraduates currently working with or who have plans to work with CART faculty. Fields of potential study include both basic and clinical research, across disciplines including genetics, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, and education.

Dr. Marian Sigman was an internationally acclaimed scholar, generous teacher, mentor, colleauge, and a pioneer in teh fields of autism and developmental risk.

She has left her mark on the field with significant scientific contributions. Our training program strives to honor her legacy.

Read Dr. Marian Sigman's In Memoria

Past recipients:

  • Beza Ayalew, 2021 (CART mentor: Dr. Connie Kasari)
  • Zoe Day, 2021 (CART mentor: Dr. Peyman Golshani)
  • Kristal Orta Martinez, 2020 (CART mentor: Dr. Rujuta Wilson)
  • Sapna Ramappa, 2020 (CART mentor: Dr. Shulamite Green)
  • Jillian Melbourne, 2019 (CART faculty: Dr. Mirell Dapretto)
  • Jose Gonzalez, 2019 (CART faculty: Dr. Daniel Geschwind)
  • Tiffany Fong, 2018 (CART faculty: Dr. Shafali Spurling Jeste)
  • Fernanda Castellon, 2018 (CART faculty: Dr. Connie Kasari)

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