Amidst the unprecedented realities that we are all actively addressing in our own lives during the COVID-19 global pandemic, UCLA CART is changing the way we work. For clinic visits, we are still seeing patients through telehealth visits or rescheduling visits, based on the type of care needed and what works for families. Please contact the clinics for more information:

  • Child and Adult Neurodevelopmental (CAN) Clinic: 310-794-4008
  • Care and Research Neurogenetics (CARING) Clinic: 310-206-7404

We are putting a temporary pause on our in-person events, including research activities that involve direct patient contact. Some clinical trials, particularly those that involve medication delivery, may be continued. Please contact the principal investigator and/or research study team for more information. In the meantime, our work has not stopped. We are continuing to work on analyzing research data that we have already collected, which is keeping us busy.

COVID-19 Information and Resources: We have compiled up-to-date resources, approved by leading clinicians and designed to help you feel informed and empowered. We will continue to update this list.

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