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Museo di Storia della Medicina / Museum of the History of Medicine (Sapienza Università di Roma / Sapienza University of Rome)

ISHN2022 | 14-18 June 2022 | Rome, Italy

ISHN2022 Call for Abstracts & Symposia (with active link to "Submit a Form")   [PDF: 0.8 MB]
abstracts are due 1 March 2022; please use the "Submit a Form" link

ISHN2022 Preliminary Announcement   [PDF: 12.7 MB]

Winter and Spring 2022 schedule of ISHN's series of Neurohistory Programs
hosted by Peter Koehler:

ISHN Monthly Virtual Programs

Announcing a special video presentation on YouTube (34:23 duration)
prepared by Wendy Finger:

ISHN 25th Anniversary Video

Past Annual Meetings

Journal of the History of the Neurosciences: Basic and Clinical Perspectives
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The International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN) was founded in Montreal on May 14, 1995. Its mission is to:

  • improve communication between individuals and groups interested in the history of neuroscience;
  • promote research in the history of neuroscience; and
  • promote education in and stimulate interest for the history of neuroscience.

The Journal of the History of the Neurosciences: Basic and Clinical Perspectives (open this link in New Tab or in New Page), the official organ of the society, is published by Psychology Press (Taylor & Francis). Now in its thirty-first year (2022), publishing four issues per volume, the Journal provides a forum for investigations in the field of neuroscience history, as broadly defined, including the history of basic, clinical, and behavioral neurosciences, ancient and non-western topics, and significant individuals, events, and technical advances. ISHN is a focal point for those interested in neuroscience history and offers, through its journal and annual meeting, opportunities to contribute to this rapidly growing field.

ISHN Membership Directory

2022 Membership Directory - Personal Data Sheet   (PDF: 2 pages)
All new and continuing members should print and complete a "2022 Membership Directory - Personal Data Sheet" and mail or email it to the ISHN Webmaster.


FULL MEMBERSHIP ($123.00 U.S. plus Value Added/Local/National Tax where applicable) in the ISHN includes all privileges of membership for calendar year January-December 2022, all mailings, and a one year individual subscription -- both print AND electronic/online -- to the Journal of the History of the Neurosciences. Note that membership is based on the calendar year; whenever you apply or renew throughout 2022, your membership will be registered for January-December 2022 and you will receive issues of the journal for that year.

FULL MEMBERSHIP: Print and complete the FULL Membership application and renewal form and email or mail it to the ISHN Secretary, Yuri Zagvazdin (yuri AT Please do not include any payment when you send the form to the Secretary! You then will receive a pro forma invoice from Taylor and Francis (our publisher, who manages membership and subscription credit card payments and accounting), to complete and pay.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP (Free) includes all privileges and mailings for the calendar year January-December 2022, but does not include an annual subscription to the Journal of the History of the Neurosciences. The signature of a Faculty Sponsor (academic or research advisor, chair of the student's department, or a faculty member of the student's major department) is required as confirmation of the applicant's student status. Print and complete the STUDENT Membership application and renewal form and mail it to the ISHN Secretary, Yuri Zagvazdin.

For more information, please contact the ISHN Secretary:

Yuri Zagvazdin
College of Medical Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33328 USA

E-mail: yuri AT


Boleslav (Slava) Lichterman, President
IM Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University)
Moscow, Russian Federation
E-mail:  lichterman AT

Manon Auffret, President-elect
E-mail:  manon.auffret AT

Yuri Zagvazdin, Secretary
E-mail:  yuri AT

[To Be Announced], Treasurer
E-mail:  [to be announced]

Eelco F. Wijdicks, Past President
E-mail:  wijde AT

Marjorie Lorch, Member-at-Large (2018-2024)
E-mail:  m.lorch AT

Elisabetta Sirgiovanni, Member-at-Large (2021-2024)
E-mail:  elisabetta.sirgiovanni AT

Peter J. Koehler, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
E-mail:  pkoehler AT

Frank W. Stahnisch, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
E-mail:  fwstahni AT

Paul Eling, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
E-mail:  p.eling AT

[Former Officers]



Annual and Biennial Awards and Honors

The International Society for the History of the Neurosciences and its official publication, the Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, offer the following biennial prizes to honor outstanding and distinguished scholarship in the history of the neurosciences:

At meetings held in odd-numbered years, the ISHN will award prizes for (1) Outstanding Article in the History of the Neurosciences and (2) Outstanding Student Essay in the History of the Neurosciences

At meetings held in even-numbered years, the ISHN will award prizes for Outstanding Book in the History of the Neurosciences.

Further information about the 2022 award for Outstanding Book in the History of the Neurosciences may be obtained from the Chair of the ISHN Awards and Prizes Committee:

Delia Gavrus, PhD
Department of History
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9 Canada
E-mail: d.gavrus AT
Phone: 204.786.9398

The prizes will be awarded at the Society's annual meeting.

The Lifetime Contribution to the History of the Neurossciences Award may be given annually, at the discretion of the Committee.

Further information about the award for Lifetime Contribution to the History of the Neurosciences may be obtained from the Chair of the ISHN Lifetime Contribution Award Committee:

Dr. Axel Karenberg
History of Medicine and Medical Ethics
University of Cologne
Joseph-Stelzmann-Strasse 9
D-50931 Cologne
E-mail:  ajg02 AT

Award and Prize Recipients

For more details, see: Guidelines for ISHN Awards and Prizes


HISTNEUR-L: The History of Neuroscience Internet Forum is an electronic discussion group for exchanging information on any aspect of the History of Neuroscience. It includes announcements, inquiries and discussion on access to historical sources and their use and interpretation. Subscriptions are free and available to everyone interested in neuroscience history, including but by no means limited to historians, scientists, students, instructors, curators, publishers, archivists and librarians. The listserv is maintained for the benefit of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN), but is open to all (anyone with an e-mail account and an interest in the subject is welcomed).

ISHN 25th Anniversary Video

ISHN 25th Anniversary Video
by Wendy Finger, 2021
(running time 34:23)

ISHN 25th Anniversary Video


News from ISHN2021

  • ISHN President (2019-2021) Eelco Wijdicks presided at the 2021 meeting, held Remotely/Online via Zoom on 9 July 2021. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 annual meeting scheduled for Rennes, France, was cancelled; the 2023 meeting will convene in Rennes.

    The meeting was offered free of charge but required registration for the more than 60 attendees to receive the non-public Zoom link. Invitations were distributed to ISHN members as well as through professional societies including the AAN and WFN. Six invited papers were followed by an ISHN 25th Anniversary video tribute prepared by Wendy Finger. Attendees joined live from Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America; the meeting was not recorded.

    Elisabetta Sirgiovanni introduced plans for the ISHN2022 Meeting, which tentatively is set for June 14-18 in Rome, Italy. The illustrated, detailed ISHN2022 Preliminary Announcement is available on our website.

    Peter Koehler reported on the success of the new series, ISHN Monthly Virtual Programs, which will resume in Fall 2021.

    Peter Koehler noted that the editors of Journal of the History of the Neurosciences will receive training for the use of a new article submission platform, Scholar One. This platform will permit comprehensive acquisition of papers from authors, distribution and tracking for reviewers, and analysis of various parameters (including rejection rate) by the editors.

    Boleslav Lichterman assumed the chair as ISHN President at the conclusion of the meeting and will preside over our 26th conference in Rome in 2022. Manon Auffret became President-elect; Wayne Lazar is the new Treasurer; and Elisabetta Sirgiovanni began a term as Member-at-Large on the ISHN Board of Directors. [Since this announcement, personal reasons compelled Wayne Lazar to step down as Treasurer; a search is being conducted for his successor.]

Revised Plans for ISHN2021

  • With the ongoing pandemic, flight restrictions, and delays in vaccination programs, and after long deliberation and considering all feasible options, we have decided not to hold a face-to-face meeting in Rennes in 2021.

    Please read ISHN2021 Program and Registration Information for details about the Remote/Online ISHN conference on 9 July 2021!


    Manon Auffret, Rennes Organizing Committee
    Peter Koehler, Rennes Organizing Committee
    Eelco F.M. Wijdicks, ISHN President

News from ISHN2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania

  • ISHN President (2018-2019) Wayne Lazar presided at the 2019 annual meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. Following the meeting, he wrote to members on ISHN-L, the society's listserv:

    I want to thank all those who attended the ISHN Conference in Vilnius. We had interesting papers, good attendance at every session, pleasant accommodations, informative discussions, and awarded two Student Travel Awards. And I haven’t heard any complaints—not that I’m asking for any.

    What is more, thanks to Eglė Sakalauskaitė-Juodeikienė, local chairperson, we came in under budget.

    We had four full days of papers and events. The marathon Wednesday session included papers, posters, a head up for the meeting at Rennes, France in July of 2020, a bus trip to Trakai Island Castle, and an excellent Gala Dinner in pleasant surroundings with an eventual sunset—about 22:30, I think. We arrived back in Vilnius after mid-night and had full—well, remarkably large—attendance at the 9:00 symposium Thursday morning.

    Boleslav Lichterman is President-elect and will preside over our 26th annual conference in Rome in 2021.

    We wish President Eelco Wijdicks well as he helps coordinate the conference in Rennes.

  • Two Student Travel Awards were granted: Tatijana Liakina from the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Institute of Clinical Medicine of Vilnius Medical School (Lithuania), and Bart Lutters from the University Medical Center of Rotterdam (Netherlands), who is currently at McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

  • In addition, a special award was announced for Eglė Sakalauskaitė-Juodeikienė, honoring her outstanding contributions to organizing the meeting.

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