Participate in 
ADHD & Mood Research 
for Children and Adolescents

Participate in 
New Non-Medication Treatment 
for ADHD

As members of the ADHD and Related Conditions treatment studies group, we seek to develop a better understanding of childhood emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as to develop new treatment approaches.  By studying the interaction between physiological and psychological processes in children and adolescents, we hope to learn more about how specific brain functions can cause specific behaviors. This may ultimately lead us to design and evaluate more effective treatments, and to provide better diagnosis.

Currently 1 in 10 children have been diagnosed with ADHD (CDC, 2015).  There are many established treatments for ADHD, and all were developed through the process of clinical research.  Clinical research helps to advance our understanding of ADHD and novel treatment approaches that may best target symptoms of the disorder. 

As a research team, we have seen many children and adults in our clinical practices at UCLA struggle with ADHD.  Our new research interests involve novel non-medication treatments for children and adults with ADHD to reduce ADHD symptoms and impairment and improve cognitive functioning..

We hope to better serve individuals and families through research opportunities that target a child’s emotional and behavioral needs. If you are interested in participating in research regarding ADHD and Related Conditions, contact us! You can also learn more about our interdisciplinary team by checking out the "Our Team" tab.