Parents of Early-Adolescents Conflict Education


The 9-week PEACE (Parents of Early-Adolescents Conflict Education) program is designed for the parents of 12.5 to 15.5 year-olds who are having frequent and/or intense arguments with their teen. Each session deals with a problem common to parenting teens and gives you assignments to help you deal with them.

 Teenage boy studying in bedroomTopics covered include:

  • Teen issues and development
  • How to set reasonable goals for teen behavior
  • How to handle annoying teen behavior
  • How to set rules your teen is likely to follow
  • How to pick a battle you can win
  • How to give effective consequences


Please contact the clinic office for the latest upcoming entry point.

One parent is required to attend the class on a consistent basis, however both parents are always welcome. This class is for parents/caregivers only.

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Cynthia G. Whitham, L.C.S.W.
Application process: 
  1. Call our office at 310-825-0142310-825-0142 to complete a 15-minute phone screen with a member of our staff and mail out an enrollment packet.
  2. Complete and return your enrollment packet
  3. Come in for a 1-hour intake appointment with one of our clinicians to determine if our program is appropriate for you.
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