Parenting for Children, Ages 2 to 12


10-week group parenting program that addresses common problems of family living as well as management of the difficult child and the child with ADHD. This program is designed for parents with children ages 2-12 years. Sessions include parenting issues such as:

  • Getting Your Child to "Listen" with Effective Commands
  • Setting Firm, Fair Limits on Unacceptable Behavior
  • Reducing Annoying Behaviors
  • Homework Struggles (optional)
  • Scheduling Your Child's AM and PM
  • Using Positive Attention to Increase Cooperation

Parents will learn techniques based on the latest research. Parenting techniques are demonstrated and practiced in sessions. Home assignments help parents put these techniques into action.  Group size is 6-10 sets of parents.

Upcoming entry points for parents: 

April 8th/9th and May 27th/28th 2015.

(A submitted enrollment packet and completed intake appointment required before you begin.  Intake appointments offered Wednesday/Thursday).

Cynthia G. Whitham, L.C.S.W.
Application process: 
  1. Call our office at 310-825-0142310-825-0142 if you have any questions.
  2. Complete and return an enrollment packet (available for download or we can email/mail)
  3. Come in (parent and child) for a 1-hour intake appointment with one of our clinicians to determine if our program is appropriate for you and your child.
Dates and Availability
10 weeks
Planned Days: 
Planned Days: 
Planned Terms: 
Year Round
Planned Frequency: 
Courses run on a continuous cycle
Size Limit: 

Please call our office for our current fees. Self pay fees are $75 per week plus a one time intake fee.

Many insurance companies may cover part of the cost of the program; however we cannot guarantee that our services will be covered by any particular health insurance program. Please call and confirm your own coverage as well as any requirements for pre-authorization. Ask your child's health insurance carrier if they cover "outpatient mental health" services at UCLA. The outpatient finance department will verify your insurance coverage after you have submitted a completed enrollment packet.

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