Hire Process

In order to be considered for the VGR status, the following are required. These items must be submitted for review prior to any actions. 

1. Questionaire. 

2. Copy Proof of Registration. 

3. Original Proof of financial support. 

4. Current CV 

 Please note: The purpose of the VGR’s visit must be at least one of the following:

  1. Prescribed course of study: a non-degree academic visit with a specific educational objective related to the scholar’s field of study, not including enrollment in UCLA courses or receipt of a UCLA transcript. Allowable activities include mentored or independent research projects, master’s or doctoral research collaborations, and classroom instruction (University Extension only).
  2. Academic training: work, training or experience related directly to a student’s field of study. Such training may include - but is not limited to - internships, practice, and field work. Appropriate activities vary by discipline. May involve sequential or simultaneous activities, either paid or unpaid.
  3. Doctoral dissertation research: individual must be advanced to candidacy or the equivalent at the home institution.

Once the intital packet has been received, the ATO will review and determine if the individual qualifies for the VGR title. If the student meets  all the criteria, the hiring center will be contacted via email regarding the hire process along with a tenative start date.Please make sure to coordinate with the student, so that they can prepare the original documents and application. Please keep in mind, my office ask for at least 3 months prior to the start date for all submitted applications. 



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