Privileges and Courtesies for Visiting Graduate Researchers

Stipend and or Salary

VGRs may receive a stipend from UCLA fund sources equivalent to a 50% non-academic appointment in support of their research and or up to 20 hours of wages of work weekly (maximum 50% time appointment) as is permissible under campus and federal immigration policy. 

VGRs are not eligible to teach or serve as readers at UCLA.


The visiting student will be issued a bruincard the serves as their key card to gain access University privileges and facilities. In addition, the card also serves as a debit card for making purchases on  and around the campus. 

Bruin OnLine

(With UID Only) The Bruin OnLine account will provide VGRs with email, web hosting services, network connectivity, and access to free software and support.

Library Access

VGRs will have access to UCLA licensed resources and databases available while using a workstation in a department or a public workstation in a library.

UCLA Housing

(With UID Only) VGRs are both eligible and welcome to reside in Weyburn Terrace and University Village Family buildings. VGRs are currently not eligible for the other University Apartments South mixed-use buildings. In order to receive a housing offer, VGRs must submit a housing application at the My Housing web page by selecting the “Single Graduate Housing Application” or “Family Housing Application” link, contingent on specific housing needs. For more information on UCLA housing terms and conditions for VGRs, please visit the Ask Housing website.

VGRs may also refer to the Community Housing Office for information on other local housing option. 

UCLA Extension Courses (UNEX)

VGRs are not UCLA students. They are graduate students elsewhere who visit UCLA to receive research training and/or conduct research with UCLA faculty. As such, VGRs do not qualify to take UCLA courses directly. Instead, they may register for University Extension (UNEX) courses and/or for UCLA courses via concurrent UNEX enrollment only. Concurrent enrollment must be approved by the instructor.

If an individual would like to enroll in one or more UCLA courses directly (i.e., to have the work documented on a UCLA transcript), s/he should apply as a No Degree Objective (NDO) student. Applicants apply for NDO status via the existing graduate admissions system and meet UCLA and departmental entrance requirements. An NDO student is not eligible to be appointed concurrently as a Visiting Graduate Researcher.

UCLA Office of Ombuds Services

VGRs may visit the Office of Ombuds Services for assistance in resolving conflicts, disputes or complaints on an informal basis. Ombudspersons act as neutrals and are committed to confidentiality.


(With UID Only) UCLA Recreation has multiple facilities, hundreds of classes and fitness programs, intramural teams and club sports. Visiting Graduate Researchers are eligible to join as Student Affiliates for a fee.


(With UID Only) BruinGO! Transit Program allows you to ride on the Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus lines for $0.50. With a BruinCard and BOL account, you are eligible to apply online for Flash Pass, allowing you to ride the Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus lines for $33 per academic quarter.

A parking permit is a privilege at the discretion of the department.

American Culture & Conversation Program

The Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars offers an American Culture & Conversation Program for visitors to learn about American culture and practice English conversation skills during class discussions. The program fee is $25 per section and spaces are limited. You will need to create a Dashew Center account in order to register for the program.

Please visit Graduate Division Priveleges and Courtisies for more information.

Important/Useful Information

Glacier Record

For VGRs receiving stipends and or salary.  You will recive an email once, the ATO has submitted a notification to the Glacier system regarding your appointment. Please make sure to complete your glacier form and submit the requested documents. Your stipend will not be released until your Glacier record is complete. 

Please visit Glacier site for changes and or updates.