1. I have a letter from the dean of my academic program verifying my enrollment. Would this work as proof of enrollment?

No. Proof of enrollment must be from the Registrars or equivalent office.

2. Can I support myself 100% using my person funds during my time as a VGR?

No. You must 51% support from funds besides your personal funds. 

3. Are VGRs eligible for housing?

Yes. Please visit UCLA Housing

(With UID Only) VGRs are both eligible and welcome to reside in Weyburn Terrace and University Village Family buildings. VGRs are currently not eligible for the other University Apartments South mixed-use buildings. In order to receive a housing offer, VGRs must submit a housing application at the My Housing web page by selecting the “Single Graduate Housing Application” or “Family Housing Application” link, contingent on specific housing needs. For more information on UCLA housing terms and conditions for VGRs, please visit the Ask Housing website. VGRs may also refer to the Community Housing Office for information on other local housing options.

4. Is there another mechanism to pay for the VGRs library fees?

No. The student will need to pay the fees directly via cashnet.