Research and Testimonials

The thinkSMART® program was developed using evidence-based practices for improving executive functioning through behavioral strategies.   The program also incorporates aspects of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based exercises, both shown to be effective in youth and adults with ADHD and other disorders (e.g., mood, anxiety). Although the thinkSMART® team is currently in the process of building a research program and publishing our findings, some of the articles under the "Research" tab highlight the importance and effectiveness of other skill-based intervention programs aimed at improving areas of executive function.  While the current literature has focused on examining the effectiveness of interventions in individuals with ADHD, we aim to demonstrate that these skills can be taught to all teens with EF weaknesses. 

Overall, the research suggests that skill-based, executive function interventions help to improve organization, time management, planning, homework management, symptoms of inattention, and overall academic functioning.  Combined with the substantial literature on CBT and mindfulness-based practices which have been shown to improve mood, emotion regulation, attention, self-esteem, and self-monitoring skills, the thinkSMART® program is deeply rooted in empirically supported techniques.

In the future, we hope to share some thoughts from past participants about the program. We are open to feedback and are committed to sharing this information with you all when we can.