Both parents and teens benefit from group skills!

“Good for teens (and parents) who aren't sure how to get organized and manage their time.”

“Huge help to your child with weaknesses that become strengths. It was as much a help for me as it was for my child.”


What parents say:

“Great skills for any person no matter who you are -- who doesn’t want to think smarter and work smarter.”

“thinkSmart is a life skills class that carries your child from teen through adulthood.”

“Gets kids ready to think more independently and ready for college.”

“Excellent course. Outstanding teachers. Great group interaction and story sharing to find out that the challenges that I have with my child are far from unique to him/my family. Wish we could have participated and benefited from this course several years ago. Love this course, much appreciation. Lots of benefits and fun!”


What teens say:

“Super supportive & extremely helpful for a massive variety of tasks.”

“This program allowed me to address work, stress, and time management that I didn't think I'd ever be able to accomplish without the skills learned in this class.”


What participants say we address:

“They show you how to better manage your time using your real homework.”

“Learn skills to assist teenagers with scheduling their time and planning.”

“A way to become more organized and help you in school.”

“This program teaches insightful skills on time management, organization, scheduling, and emotional control.”

“Life skills or success & effective communication.”