Deaka Monique McClain

Deaka Monique McClain

Self Advocate

Deaka McClain is a lifelong advocate for the disability community, using her platform to continuously make positive changes, whether through public speaking, volunteering, storytelling and poetry, or simply connecting with people on an individual basis. Having been born with cerebral palsy, Ms. McClain knows firsthand the power of positive change and the value of using one’s voice.

After receiving her BA in Journalism from CSULB in 2009, Ms. McClain went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 2016.

Ms. McClain is Co-Founder & VP of Public Relations of the newly established nonprofit organization Divine Victory Ministries, Inc. Divine Victory Ministries strives to bring the elements of awareness, education and empowerment to the community, providing practical tools resources within the creative arts genre to address urban social issues. Through this organization, Ms. McClain has codirected and produced a short documentary about being a survivor of domestic violence titled ‘Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired.’

Ms. McClain currently sits on ten boards that serve the disability community, including the Citizen’s Advisory Commission on Disabilities for the City of Long Beach. Ms. McClain has served as the Chair for this commission, and currently serves as Vice-Chair. Other boards include CSULB Disabled Student Services Advisory Board (Alumni), Harbor Regional Center Client Advisory Committee (Co-Chair), Harbor Regional Center Self Determination Advisory Committee (Member), Harbor Regional Center Client Service Committee, L.A. Care Coordinated Initiative Council Region 4 of Long Beach (Vice- Chair and Member-at-Large), Disability Rights California Program & Planning Committee (Public Member) Termed out March 2018, Department of Developmental Services Consumer Advisory Committee (Chair), UCLA Tarjan Center Advisory Committee (Member), LB Transit Paratransit Advisory Committee. (Vice-Chair) Ms. McClain also finds time to volunteer at Disabled Resources Center and Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whitter where she attends church. At Zoe, she is a volunteer in the Media Ministry serving as an Administrator, Technical Director, and Camera Operator. Ms. McClain enjoys reading, listening to music, public speaking, acting, telling stories through film and going to movies.