Transforming Healthcare of Women with Disabilities

Project Summary

The Transforming Healthcare for Women with Disabilities Initiative is planned as a two year multi-site project which will address health disparities faced by women with cerebral palsy while improving their quality of life. Four sites are involved in this project, including: Columbia University Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital, University of California Los Angeles, and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Each site will focus on a specific component of women's health with regard to women with CP. The overall project aims to establish not only a strong base of knowledge about the specific issues and challenges in providing healthcare to women with disabilities but also to provide information, communication materials, and examples needed to deliver exceptional care unique to the needs of women with CP and similar disabilities.

Timescale: 03/15/2015 - 12/30/2016
Current status: Project live


Primary Investigator: Eileen Fowler