Products and Resources

CECY members and LECT Participants have created an array of tools to effect systems change for CIE.



  • California Employment First Policy Explainer: Created by CECY and the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, explains California’s Employment First Policy, including definitions, requirements, and legislative history of the policy.
  • Employment First:  The Train Has Left the Station: This emphasizes CIE as the first priority and preferred outcome for adults with significant disabilities.  It provides an overview of California’s history in achieving the legislation and a national overview of the Employment First movement across the country. 


Benefits Planning

  • Employment Handbook 2013: Social Security Benefits Planning and Management:  This handbook was created by Linda O’Neil of Irvine USD and Richard Rosenberg of Whittier UHSD and will be updated as needed. For more information or to request a copy, contact authors via email at Linda_ONeal

Braided/Sequenced Funding

  • WorkLink Braided Services Toolkit.  This toolkit is a result of TransCen’s work to create flexible, person-centered supports by braiding and blending services. 
  • Transcen Inc.’s WorkLink Program: A New Day for Day Services: This Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation article discusses an innovative approach to braiding funding resources and services that addresses programmatic barriers and utilizes the Developmental Disabilities Service (DDS) system to augment Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services to facilitate direct hire, integrated jobs for people with more significant intellectual disabilities.  It describes TransCen, Inc.’s approach to braiding services to promote employment and support customized job placement.  Ideas for improving program services and recommendations for system-change are presented.  

Employment/Employer Videos (all on YouTube)


  • Unpacking What Works:  How Do You Do That?: (ASPE 2014 Presentation) CECY Director Olivia Raynor and CECY members from our LECTs representing secondary education and a regional center -- John Filley, Linda O'Neil, Richard Rosenberg, and Candice Spielman – presented a session that detailed essential elements of effective practices for integrated competitive employment.  The presenters shared how they implemented key practices such as person centered planning, earning industry certificates, teacher transformation in job development, and business partnerships.


  • Data Dashboard: Posted on the State Council on Developmental Disabilities site, “Go to” place for latest information on how well California is doing in achieving CIE for people with IDD.  Includes local practices of high-CIE outcomes and support for people with IDD in CIE.  Provides examples of success to advocate for policies and support toward CIE initiatives and programs.


  • CA Works! Outcome-Based Funding: Document produced by Vision Quest, a CECY member subcommittee that explored outcome-based funding to incentivize CIE as an alternative to current funding structures.