Wilbert Francis

Wilbert Francis is the Project Director of the Tarjan Center’s Open the Doors to College Project and provides information and resources on transition to Post Secondary Education (PSE) for individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD).  He is responsible for advocating for and providing technical assistance to institutions of higher education to expand and promote access to PSE and to increase the available PSE options in California for students with intellectual disabilities and autism.  He has nine years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities that includes leadership in facilitating collaborative agreement and participation across a broad cross-section of state and local agencies. 

Wilbert’s work focuses on identifying programs, effective practices and strategies for success in higher education and transition to careers and community living.  He consults with colleges and disability services partners to develop or improve their capacity to provide academic, work-force development, basic skills instruction, and support services.  Wilbert is also responsible for identifying and carrying out the training and new development needs of the 110 CA Community Colleges Disability Services’ staff.  

Prior to serving as the Open the Doors’ Project Director, he served as an Assistant Director at the University Center for Excellence in the Virgin Islands.  Wilbert holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of the Virgin Islands.