PK Douglas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

David Geffen School of Medicine

Research Interests:

Research domains include: machine learning, big data, dynamic systems modeling, Bayesian belief updating, system identification, control systems, ICA, NNMF, low-rank sparse decomposition, temporal kernel canonical correlation analysis, and predictive coding. 

Selected Publications:

Sengupta, B., Cooray, GK, Douglas, PK, Friston, K. “Towards a Neuronal Gauge Theory,” PLOS Biology (accepted 2016)

Cooray, GK., Sengupta, B., Douglas, PK, Friston, K. “Dynamic Causal Modelling of Electrographic Seizure Activity using Bayesian Belief Updating.”Neuroimage. (2016).  Jan 15;125:1142-54. PMID: 26220742

Douglas, DB, Iv, M., Douglas, PK, Anderson, A., Zeineh, M, Wintermark , M. Diffusion tensor imaging of TBI – Potentials and challenges. (2015) Top Magn Reson Imaging. 2015 Oct;24(5):241-51. PMID: 26502306

Cooray, GK, Sengupta, B, Douglas, PK, Englund, M. Wickstrom, R. Friston, K.  “Characterizing Seizures in anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis with dynamic causal modelling.Neuroimage. 30:118-508 (2015). PMID: 26032883

Gilles, J. Meyer, T. Douglas, PK. “Low Rank + Sparse Decomposition for EEG Artifact Removal.” 2nd International MICCAI Workshop on Sparsity Techniques in Neuroimaging. Conference Paper.(2014)

A Anderson, PK Douglas, WT Kerr, A Yuille, J Xie, YN Wu, J Brown and MS Cohen. (2014): Non-negative Matrix Factorization of Multimodal MRI, fMRI and Phenotypic Data reveals Differential Changes in Default Mode Subnetworks in ADHD. NeuroImage. Nov 15;102P1:207-219. PMID: 24361664

Douglas, PK, Head, A., Anderson, A. Kerr, W, Reid, R. Bramen, J, Chong, C, Gordon, B, Pisani, M, Li, W, Cohen, MS. (2014): Method for Simultaneous fMRI/EEG data collection and MR Compatible Differential Thermometry Device.  Journal of Visualized Experiments. Jan 5;(83):e3298. PMID: 24429915 

Kerr WT,* Douglas PK*, Anderson A, Cohen MS. (2014): The utility of data-driven feature selection: Re: Chu et al. 2012. NeuroImage. Jan 1;84:1107-10.* Two first authors contributed equally. PMID: 23891886 

Douglas, PK, Lau, E. Anderson, A., Kerr, W, Wollner, M. Moyer, D. Cohen, M.S. “Single Trial Decoding of Belief Decision Making from EEG and fMRI using Independent Component Features,” Frontiers in Hum Neurosci, 2013, 7:392. PMID: 23914164 

Kerr, W.T. Cho, A.Y, Anderson, A., Douglas, PK, Lau, E.P., Hwang, E.S. Raman, K.R. Treffler, A. Cohen, M.S., Nguyen,S.T., Reddy, N.M. Silverman, D.H. “Balancing Clinical and Pathologic Relevance in the Machine Learning Diagnosis of Epilepsy.” IEEE Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI), 2013 DOI: 10.1109/PRNI.2013.31

Kerr, W., Anderson, A., Lau, E.P., Cho, A.Y., Xia, H., Bramen, J., Douglas, PK, Braun, E., Stern, J. Cohen, M.S. “Computer Aided Diagnosis and Localization of Lateralized temporal lobe Epilepsy using Interictal FDG-PET.” Frontiers in Neurology. March 2013. PMID: 23565107

Kerr, W., Anderson, A., Lau, E.P., Cho, A.Y., Xia, H., Bramen, J., Douglas, PK, Braun, E., Stern, J. Cohen, M.S. “Automated Diagnosis of Epilepsy Using EEG Power Spectrum.” Epilepsia. 2012, 53 (11). PMID: 22967005 

Colby, JB, Rudie, JD, Brown, JA, Douglas, PK, Cohen, M.S., Shehzad, Z, “Insights into Multimodal Imaging Classification of ADHD.” Frontiers in System Neuroscience. 2012. 6:59. PMID: 22912605

Anderson, A, Han, D, Douglas, PK, Bramen, J, Cohen, MS, “Real-time functional MRI Classification of Brain States using Markov-SVM Hybrid Models: Peering inside the rt-fMRI black box.NIPS. 2012 January. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-34713-9_31 

Anderson, A, Bramen, J, Douglas, PK, Lenartowicz, A., Cho, A., Culbertson, C., Brody, A.L., Yuille, A. Cohen MS, “Large Sample group-ICA of fMRI Using Anatomical-Atlas Based Reduction, Bagging and Clustering” International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology.  2011 June; 21(2): 223-231. PMID: 22049263

Bystritsky, A, Korb, AS, Douglas, PK, Cohen, MS, Melega, WP, Mulgaonkar, AP, Desalles, A, Min BK, Yoo, SS,  “A Review of Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Pulsation” Brain Stimulation. 2011 July; 4(3): 125-136. PMID: 21777872

Douglas PK, Harris, S. Yuille, A., Cohen MS.  “Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers and Number of Independent Components Used in fMRI Decoding of Belief vs. Disbelief.”  NeuroImage,2011 May; 56(2): 544-53. PMID: 21073969

Douglas PK, Cohen MS, DiStefano JJ, III.  “Chronic exposure to aerosolized Mn may have lasting effects: a Physiologically Based Toxicokinetic Model” J Toxicology & Environ Chem, 2010; 92(2): 279-299. 

Douglas, PK et al., “Modeling Pandemic Flu: Emergency Issues Considered.” Int J Mental Health, 2009; 11(3):137-44. PMID: 20437844 

Douglas PK, et al. “Temporal and postural variation of 12-lead high-frequency QRS electrocardiographic signals in asymptomatic individuals”. J Electrocardiol. 2006 Jul; 39(3):259-65. PMID: 16777512 

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DeMarse, T., Cadotte, A. Douglas, P. He, P. Trinh, V. “Computation within cultured neural networks.” IEEE EMBS 2004; 7: 5340-3. PMID: 17271548

First Author Conference Abstracts & Presentations:

Douglas, PK. Leveraging Sparsity: A Sampling Method for Characterizing Hemodynamic Variability. 21st Annual Meeting Organization for Human Brain Mapping.2015.

Douglas, PK. Moyer, D. Cohen, MS. EEG-fMRI Coupling is Task Related and Spectrally Dependent.Society for Neuroscience, 2013. (Oral Presentation)

Douglas, PK, Wollner, M, Gutman, B. Anderson, A. Thompson, P. 3D Surface Changes in Caudate Shape are Age Dependent Biomarkers of ADHD.Society for Neuroscience, 2013. (Oral Presentation)

Douglas, PK, Moyer, D. et al. “Colocalizing EEG and fMRI in the Spatial Domain” 19th Annual Meeting Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Seattle, Washington. Postdoctoral Abstract Trainee Award, 2013. (Oral Presentation)

Douglas, PK, Bramen, J. Lavretsky, H. “Changes in Default Mode Subnetwork Activity during a Focused Attention Task,” 19th Annual Meeting Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Seattle, Washington, 2013.

Douglas, PK, Bramen, J. Lavretsky, H. “Colocalizing EEG and fMRI”Society for Neuroscience, 2012. (Oral Presentation)

Douglas, PK, Moyer, D., “Temporal Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis & Colocalization of EEG and fMRI in Space” 18th Annual Meeting Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2012.

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Douglas, PK & Rudie, JD, Brown, JA, Cohen, MS, Bookheimer, SY, Dapretto, M. “Resting State Functional Connectivity MRI Based Prediction of Autism vs. Typically Developing” 17th Annual Meeting Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Quebec, Canada. 2011.

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Douglas, PK, Harris, S., Yuille, A. Cohen MS. “Naïve Bayes Classification of Belief vs. Disbelief using event related fMRI data.” Poster, 15th Annual Meeting Organization for Human Brain Mapping, 2009.

Douglas, PK, Batdorf, N, Feiveson, A. Schlegel, TT. “High frequency QRS was stability over Baroreceptor changes,” Poster, 29th Meeting, International Society for Computerized Electrocardiology. 2005. 

Douglas, PK, Morgan, C., Lee, H., Foster, K. “Long term use of the Left Ventricular Assist Device.” 18th Annual IEEE NAST. 2005. (Oral Presentation)

Douglas, PK, Harshbarger, S. “Multi-spectral imaging for Staging of Diabetic Neuropathy.”Association for Advancement in Medical Instrumentation,Minneapolis, MN. 2004. (Oral Presentation)