Paul Arns, Ph.D.


Health Sciences Clinical Professor, PSYCHIATRY

Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Member, CTSI

Contact Information

Work Phone Number: (213) 251-6536

Office Address:

695 S. Vermont Ave., #1192
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Work Address:

Los Angeles, CA 90095


Dr. Arns primary interests have focused on mental health services research, program evaluation, community-based treatment and rehabilitation for individuals diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders, and cognitive behavioral therapy with a variety of adult populations. In recent years, his energies have increasingly focused on the use of data, research findings and information technology to improve mental health system services, planning, decision making, performance and accountability.


A selected list of publications:

Martin David J, Steckart M Jillisa, Arns Paul G   Returning to work with HIV/AIDS: a qualitative study Work (Reading, Mass.), 2006; 27(3): 209-19.
Martin David J, Arns Paul G, Batterham Philip J, Afifi Abdelmonem A, Steckart M Jillisa   Workforce reentry for people with HIV/AIDS: intervention effects and predictors of success Work (Reading, Mass.), 2006; 27(3): 221-33.
Arns P G, Martin D J, Chernoff R A   Psychosocial needs of HIV-positive individuals seeking workforce re-entry AIDS care, 2004; 16(3): 377-86.
Havassy B E, Arns P G   Relationship of cocaine and other substance dependence to well-being of high-risk psychiatric patients Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.), 1998; 49(7): 935-40.
Arns P G, Linney J A   The relationship of service individualization to client functioning in programs for severely mentally ill persons Community mental health journal, 1995; 31(2): 127-37.
Arns P G, Linney J A   Relating functional skills of severely mentally ill clients to subjective and societal benefits Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.), 1995; 46(3): 260-5.