Patricia Tan

Dr. Patricia Tan is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute. Her clinical interests are guided by her training in developmental psychopathology and evidence-based treatments, with a particular focus on promoting emotional and cognitive self-regulation in youth with pediatric mood and anxiety disorders. Her research is focused on identifying biobehavioral approaches to better identify, treat, and prevent pediatric anxiety, OCD, and related disorders. Specifically, Dr. Tan’s research examines how the interplay between social experiences and neurobiological predispositions shapes the development of self-regulation during the early childhood and early adolescent years. This work is aimed at improving interventions by targeting the treatable factors that lead to difficulty coping with anxiety and other negative emotions. 

Dr. Tan completed her Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University and completed her clinical internship at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She is a recipient of a career development award from NIMH and her work has been supported by grants from the NIDA, NICHD, and the APA.