Melissa A Del'Homme, Ph.D.

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Work Phone Number: (800) 825-9989

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UCLA Psychr & Biobehav Sci
BOX 956967, Ste 1524B, 300 Medl Plz
Los Angeles, CA 90095



A selected list of publications:

Narr Katherine L, Woods Roger P, Lin James, Kim John, Phillips Owen R, Del'Homme Melissa, Caplan Rochelle, Toga Arthur W, McCracken James T, Levitt Jennifer G   Widespread cortical thinning is a robust anatomical marker for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2009; 48(10): 1014-22.
Luders Eileen, Narr Katherine L, Hamilton Liberty S, Phillips Owen R, Thompson Paul M, Valle Jessica S, Del'Homme Melissa, Strickland Tony, McCracken James T, Toga Arthur W, Levitt Jennifer G   Decreased callosal thickness in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Biological psychiatry, 2009; 65(1): 84-8.
Del'Homme Melissa, Kim Tae S, Loo Sandra K, Yang May H, Smalley Susan L   Familial association and frequency of learning disabilities in ADHD sibling pair families Journal of abnormal child psychology, 2007; 35(1): 55-62.
McGough James J, Smalley Susan L, McCracken James T, Yang May, Del'Homme Melissa, Lynn Deborah E, Loo Sandra   Psychiatric comorbidity in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: findings from multiplex families The American journal of psychiatry, 2005; 162(9): 1621-7.
Fisher Simon E, Francks Clyde, McCracken James T, McGough James J, Marlow Angela J, MacPhie I Laurence, Newbury Dianne F, Crawford Lori R, Palmer Christina G S, Woodward J Arthur, Del'Homme Melissa, Cantwell Dennis P, Nelson Stanley F, Monaco Anthony P, Smalley Susan L   A genomewide scan for loci involved in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder American journal of human genetics, 2002; 70(5): 1183-96.