Maimon Leavitt

Background and Training:

Undergraduate Degree: BA 1940, Harvard College

Post-Graduate Degree: MD 1943, New York University College of Medicine

Residency Training: Neurology Residency, 1944, Goldwater Memorial Hospital, New York; Psychiatric Residency, 1944-1947, Menninger Foundation

Psychoanalytic Training: 1946-1950, Topeka Psychoanalytic Institute

Practice Informtion:

Practice Style: private practice, retired. Psychoanalysis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, medication.

Theoretical Orientation: psychoanalytic

Type of Patients: individuals, couples, families, adolescents, adults

Diagnostic Interests: character disorders, borderline, axiety, depression, PTSD

Supervision Information:

Retired last five years. Supervised 1-2 residents per year for the 50 years prior to retirement.

Contact Details:

210 Woodruff Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone: 3102097595