Adriana Trindade
Specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
55 21 98122-2194
Languages Spoken: Portuguese and english.


Giselle Kubrusly Sypczuk
Speech Language Pathologist/Fonoaudióloga
Ativa Rotas / Three Comunicação Humana
Av. Anita Garibaldi 850, sala 212C
55 41 30391112
Languages Spoken: English and Portuguese


Luana Miranda Neves
Psychologist, working with applied behavior analysis and Early Start Denver Model of intervention for children in the Autistic Spectrum.
Engaged in Human development and mainly in the emancipation of young adults in the Autistic Spectrum.
Feminist focused on promoting women in the world.
Private Practice
+5511 974497054
instagram @aluanapsicologa or
Languages spoken:Portuguese (BR)


Paolo Rietveld
Psychologist, Behavior Analyst
Instituto Ninar, Nós
SCRs Sul Quadra 504 Bloco B Loja 69, Brasília DF, Brazil
(5561) 981280125
Languages spoken: English, Portuguese


Rachel Botelho
Psychologist/ Special Education Teacher
Federal District Department of Education - Brazil  (Secretaria de Educação do Distrito Federal - Brasil) / Private Practice
Brasília- Brazil
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish