Brief (10 min) survey from McMaster University in Canada about how people with OCD are coping with COVID-19.

The Loop Study (Longitudinal Outcomes in OCD Project) is a long-term follow up study of individuals who completed the UCLA Intensive Outpatient Program. Participants are followed over a one year period and are asked about OCD symptoms, depression, stress, sleep and social support.

There are two ongoing OCD research projects for which we are actively recruiting OCD participants. Below is the relevant information. Please contact us if you are interested.

Decision-making in OCD: an fMRI and TMS study

Decision-making in OCD: Imaging and Neurostimulation

The goals of the UCLA Adult OCD research program are to better understand the brain and behaviors and how they relate to OCD symptoms, mechanisms of therapeutic improvement, prediction of response to treatment, and development of effective treatments. Our research program includes studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

The following are samples of research studies published by our group: