Sachs Morgan Studio (Theatre Design Specialists)

Sachs Morgan Studio has provided comprehensive theatre design and planning services to the performing arts community since 1976. The firm is nationally recognized for designing performing arts facilities that operate smoothly for their users, are comfortable, accessible and welcoming to their patrons, and are technologically and aesthetically appropriate to the events they hold. Ann Sachs (President and CEO) spent twenty-five years as an actress before joining the studio, providing the perspective of one who has performed for years in theatres that work and theatres that don't. A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon’s Drama Department, Ann's knowledge of "the business of show business" came as a result of working onstage from 1967-1992, in leading roles on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in our country's finest resident theatres. Ms. Sachs runs the business and Mr. Morgan is the Director of Design. Roger Morgan is a pioneer in the world of theatre design consulting and the Founder of Sachs Morgan Studio where he has directed the department of design for 35 years. Mr. Morgan received his training in scenic design and stage lighting at Carnegie-Mellon University, and he is the Tony Award-winning lighting designer of over 200 plays On Broadway,