The Arts and Accessibility Program will not be funded by the California Arts Council (CAC) this year. Consequently, we are disappointed to report that in 2022 we will not be offering grants to arts organizations or artists with disabilities.

While we are holding discussions regarding the restoration of funding with the CAC, it is uncertain at this time when funding will be made for the Arts and Accessibility Program. Any future decision requires full consideration and approval by the Council.

About the Arts and Accessibility Program
The goal of the Arts and Accessibility Program is to support universal access to and participation in the arts that is inclusive of the 23% of all Californians with disabilities. Since 2001, the Arts and Accessibility Program has been the signature grants program by the CAC for the disability community. Annually the National Arts and Disability Center was awarded a contract to administer the program. In our most recent award, we received $500,000. We offer technical assistance and funding for the career development of artists with disabilities and to increase the accessibility of cultural arts organizations. To date, we have awarded 327 grants to artists with disabilities and 235 arts organizations. In 2020 the Arts and Accessibility Program reached 95,815 adults, 1,800 children/youth, and 663 artists throughout California.

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The NADC is a program of the Tarjan Center at UCLA, a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.
For more information about the Arts and Accessibility grants program, please contact Beth Stoffmacher at the NADC:
Tarjan Center at UCLA
760 Westwood Plaza
58-228 Semel Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1759