Jeremy Sicile-Kira - The Great Dream of Excellent Health

J Sicile-Kira

Acrylic on Canvas

My mother was suffering from a concussion and I was anxious about it. Mom suggested I focus on her perfect health instead of worrying. Frankly I had this dream and painted it:

Greatly I dreamt I painted my mom greatly returned to perfect health by following the advice of her just intuition. Greatly mom practiced therapies for her physical health, emotional health, mental health, and spiritual health, frankly realizing the hope of full recovery. There really was the presence of God represented by gold and silver. The painting is beautiful and vibrant and full of energy and hope represented by white. Red is present for the physical health frankly returned. Great indigo representing the frankly sharp mental health is present. Yellow is present greatly for the emotional health that is happy but also candidly very justly fun represented by orange, hard to feel when very much sick. Spiritual health is represented by the justly royal color of purple truly magnificent and truly mighty in its glory. Teal is there just to greatly help stay healthy and full of life. Frankly the health of my mom is unbeatable because her passion to help others is her life force and blessed by the universal power of God which is truly represented by the true power of Universal Love.

Describe Style and Technique
Frankly I layered lots of paint, let it dry. Put tape over some parts, painted again. Repeated until I felt the painting was done.