Jeremy Sicile-Kira - The Beautiful Soul of Seattle

J Sicile-Kira

Acrylic on wood panel

Frankly the first time I visited my sister in her new home of Seattle, I felt the acceptance of people who are different and the love people had for the city: Truly I dreamt I painted the beautiful lively colors of Seattle. Frankly I greatly love this fine city. There are many colors that blend wonderfully together. Greatly there is lots of green for the nature that is everywhere in Seattle and the calmness everyone feels when they can be outdoors. Truly yellow represents happiness from everyone that lives here because they can enjoy time outside with their loved ones. There is a bit of red for the anxiety of the upcoming bad weather. Lovely pink represents the many kinds of love that can be had here because people are free to openly be with the one they choose to love, no matter their gender, race or religion. Truly I felt the great happiness of the citizens who take pride in their city and in their coffee represented by the mighty color purple for their leadership in doing the best for the inhabitants. Blue like the sky for the beautiful water that is present everywhere is in the painting, and so is orange for the fun people and others creatures have in realizing their happy selves and realizing their dreams. Gold and silver truly shines down representing God’s beautiful handiwork.

Describe Style and Technique
Frankly I layered lots of paint, let it dry. Put tape over some parts, painted again. Repeated until I felt the painting was done.