Audra Bryant - Book

A Bryant

Book: I’ve Got Scars Baby! How to Embrace Your Scars and Power Your Purpose

Description: In this refreshingly transparent and earthy self-help memoir, TV producer, performance artist, and burn survivor Audra Bryant ushers the audience into the world of her scars. Severely burned at 18 months old, left disfigured, and refusing to look at herself in the mirror until she was 25 years old as a result, Audra addresses the life of fear she led behind the cloak of turtlenecks and T-shirts, and how her unembraced scars affected not only her self-esteem but also her love life and career. She describes the work it took to fully embrace her physical and emotional scars, and breaks down the steps to assist the audience with acknowledging, embracing, and becoming empowered by their scars (whether external or internal). With powerful chapters like “Trauma Attracts Drama” and “Naked for the First Time,” she brings a relatable spin to life’s journey that reminds you that all of your scars can work for your good—if you do the internal work that allows you to see it that way!