Vanessa Castro

Artist Bio
I, Vanessa Castro, am an artist, author, an illustrator in Alameda County with Cerebral Palsy with a speech impediment. I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Education. I own and run my own art business called, Ness Ness Va’s Art. I often incorporate disabled themes in my artwork and especially my children’s books. For example, I did a few paintings of Wonder Woman in wheelchairs because I want to teach children and others that even though someone has a disability or has something unique about them, everyone has their own super powers.

Artistic Discipline
A lot of my art has disabilities themes. Especially, all three of my children’s books, Gloria, The Gecko Attendant, Rollerblading On Autism, and Finding The Spirit, which I wrote, illustrated, and published have characters with disabilities. I love children, so a goal of mine is to educate kids and other about different disabilities through my art and books.


Disability Description
Physical/mobility disability

Alameda, CA 94501

Phone: 415-572-1988 (Since I have a speech impediment, texting or emailing me is best).



Ari Bird is my business assistant through an organization called Casa Allegra.
Dale Dutton runs Casa Allegra.
The address is
San Rafael, Ca 94903

Disability type: 
Physical/mobility disability