Toby's family immigrated to New York from Scotland, Italy, Norway and Ireland and settled in San Francisco, early 1900's. He was born and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Toby gained his inspiration from his grandfather Patrick Raymond Fifield who worked as a Commercial Artist in Gold Leaf & Screen-printing signage painter in Woodside, California, and a Great Uncle Brother Alfred Brousseau who was a Monk at the Christian Brothers Winery in Napa California who taught Mathematics at Saint Mary's and has a permanent exhibition of Botanicals in B/W Photography at Stanford University.

Education: Toby studied Foundry Arts in Glass, Metal, Wood & Drawing/Painting and holds A Bachelor's of Fine Art in Design from CCA The California College of the Arts & Crafts and a Masters in Education from GSNU University of Art in South Korea, sponsored by UCLA University of California Santa Cruz. during a 365 hour teaching practicum. Designed a curriculum implementing Visual Art Workshops in a teaching residency; applying perceptual drawing and sculpture.

Professional Experience:
He has undertaken teaching residencies at the National University of Art Education in South Korea sponsored by UCSC, Myongji & In University Taught university freshman - senior levels during a teaching practicum residency while completing my Postgraduate degree in Education sponsored by GSNU. Received an Award of Excellence in teaching integrating the Arts in Language.

Toby has implemented vocational workshops at a handful of Boarding Schools throughout Southern India, and has taught both the Arts & Design throughout Asia and has held teaching fellowships and Artist Residencies in Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Singapore.


  • 2020 Arts and Accessibility Project Grant Recipient. Supported by CAC California Arts Council, & NADC, UCLA
  • Safety Net Fund, Artists Relief Grant Recipient 2020, Sponsored from the California Intersection for the Arts (The Intersection)
  • San Francisco Arts & Artists Relief Grant Recipient 2020, Awarded by CCI, SFAC, & GFTA
  • Artist Relief Tree COVID-19 Emergency Grant Recepient 2020
  • CERF+ Craft Emergency Relief Fund Grant Recipient 2019
  • Dean's Award for integrating the arts in teaching language. National University of Art education, Jinju, South Korea 2005
  • All College Honors Award for excellence. California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). 1994
  • Academic Scholarship. & Pell Grant at The California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC), 1990-1994

Teaching Experience:

  1. Dipont Education ~ AP Advanced Studio Art Instructor, China 2017-19
    Created a Two-Year AP Visual Art curriculum. Areas of concentration included references to 19th & 20th C. Art History & Photography, Figure Studies, Portraits, the Human Form, Still-Life, Nature Studies, Landscapes, Intro to Painting, Visual Expression, Intro to Illustration, Conceptual Drawing, Collage, Papier-mâché, Color Theory, Printmaking, and Drawing from Camera Obscura’s, Introduction & Concentration of the Visual Art Elements & Principles of Design. Introduction to Drawing mediums; Graphite pencils, Graphite sticks, Charcoal pencils, Willow charcoal sticks, Compressed charcoal sticks, Observational Line drawings; Contour drawings, Blind-contour drawings, Continuous Line drawings, Tonal drawings, Shading, Wet/Dry
  2. Ministry of Education ~ Studio Art/Design Director, Thailand 2013-17
    Design process included mentoring students in the Arts & Design by generating concept scenarios, Hand-Sketching/Rendering, Modelmaking, Communication/Graphic Design, Creating Storyboards & Mood-boards, Research Projects, Bench-mark Studies & Field Research, Keynote Presentations, Designing & Facilitating Client Workshops in Branding & Implementing Design Thinking. Projects consisted of product development, idealization, benchmark case-studies, in product design, interior design concepts, branding, and communication.
  3. Raffles Design Institute ~ Studio Instructor, Singapore 2010-12
    Implemented a Design curriculum. Areas of concentration included references to 19th & 20th C. Art History & Human Factors Introduction to Design Illustration, Conceptual Drawing, Color Theory and Drawing with concentration of the Visual Art Elements & Principles of Design, Form Development; Sculpture, Wood & Fiber Sculpture, Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Machining Techniques in Composites; High-Density Foams, and Mold-Casting Applications in Clay & Plaster of Paris.

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts; Painting & Printmaking
Disability type: 
Emotional/Psychiatric disability
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